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Anthony Gaetano Positano

August 14, 1954- September 2, 2023

His generosity lives on in the hearts of his family and many friends. God speed.

145da55af000f74424cc7b0506019248Anthony Positano, 69, tragically passed away on the afternoon of September 2, 2023 at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario, doing what he loved. He was born August 14, 1954 in North York, Ontario to Barbara and Mario Positano, youngest brother to siblings, Luigi and Luciana.

Tony was a true entrepreneur, bringing life into all of his endeavors. As a second-generation Italian born to immigrant parents, his resourcefulness drove him to create opportunities where there were none. He was respected as a hardworking man who learned the skills needed to get any job done.

Tony’s loving energy was infectious - wherever he went he turned people into friends. Tony was a proud father and grandfather who would tell anyone within earshot about his beloved family. Tony’s true version of success was measured by how much he could give. 

He enjoyed hockey and golf but traveling with his crew to the most electrifying racing events across Canada and the US is what drove him. Tony was a passionate member of the racing community, his name synonymous with promoting the sport, signing merchandise for young fans, a cigar in hand, and a friendly face to all who attended.

He is survived by his wife Joanne; 3 children Andrea & husband Sid; Nadia; Anthony & wife Tashiana; and his 2 grandchildren, Elias & Simon, of whom he was the biggest fan. 

In lieu of flowers, the Positano Family requests that you make a donation in Anthony’s name to:



The Team Members

  • Tony Positano

    Tony Positano

    My original goal was to race for a few years, get it out of my system and then move on.
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  • Kelly Sams

    Kelly Sams

    Kelly has been a key team member from the start. She helped with the design and paint on the car,
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  • Shawn Bond

    Shawn Bond

    Shawn is a professional Fabricator, Transmission and Ignition Specialist and manages the chassis and tuning of the car. Shawn has
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  • Mario Positano

    Mario Positano

    Mario and his family have been supporters of our team for years now. He has always shown up and offered
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Shawn is a professional Fabricator, Transmission and Ignition Specialist and manages the chassis and tuning of the car. Shawn has a successful and impressive history in racing. In 2007 he became involved with Tony Positano's program winning races and going very fast. Shawn’s goal as they enter 2014 is to continue the team’s winning ways and turn some heads.

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Motorsports and drag racing attracts a special type of individual - someone who has incredible passion, commitment, razor sharp focus, and a profound need for speed. And although this unites all racers, every driver is different … and their story is as unique as their car. How did they find this sport? Why do they love it? What makes them keep coming back for more? Why do people gather around them and support these racers with time, resources and financial backing? It’s simple, once it’s in your system, it’s hard to let go.